Your Fitness client testimonials

Please feel free to read through the testimonials provided by previous and existing clients. If you have any queries or would like to book a session, here's where you can contact me.

Sean Maguire, actor. Former client of Your Fitness personal training.I've worked with personal trainers all over the world and Dominic is certainly one of the best, most knowledgeable and fun! He has a full understanding of how to improve all body types and how to achieve the results you want. I can't recommend him highly enough."

Sean Maguire (actor), 2014.

"I lost 4 stone in 8 months, went from an 18 to a 15.5 inch neck. My waist went from 42 inches to 36. Dominic is an outstanding personal trainer who takes the time to understand your fitness needs. Highly recommend to anyone looking to stay in shape!"

Norman Areh, 2013.

"Unfortunately I had to undergo surgery for a meniscus tear and decided to help with my recovery I would get a personal trainer. I became addicted to the sessions after noticing the changes in my fitness levels and to my body! If you want to lose weight and improve your muscle tone then Dominic is the best trainer for it."

Gillian Slater, 2013.

"I am a 35 year old doctor who has trained with Dominic for 5 years. Dominic is a very pleasant and affable person who has developed my strength and fitness in a great way. He always varies the sessions content to ensure I am developing at an adequate rate and to keep the sessions interesting. He is always punctual and understands the pressures of a busy work schedule and incorporates that into his philosophy. I recommend him highly to anyone who wants to improve their strength, fitness and overall general condition."

Dr. Nigel Feldman, 2013.

"Having just resigned after completely burning out at my city job, I contacted Dominic. We had short intense sessions twice a week. The 10 lbs I lost was great, but more importantly I feel stronger and more aware of how stress affected my body."

Michelle Gascoin, 2012.